BYOB Wood Burning Christmas Ornament Workshop 12/7


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Join So Hipster for an evening of heat, Chemicals, craft beers and Christmas spirit! Don’t forget to Bring Your Own Blow Dryer (BYOB) From 7-930 we will learn about chemical burning, and apply said knowledge by making Christmas cheer in the form of ornaments. The evening will start with a quick introduction to chemical burning, followed by a demonstration. From there all are welcome to a guided free for all of Christmas craft craziness. We will provide all the supplies, including brushes, different types of wood of all shapes, templates and vinyl... basically everything except the blow dryer. Make one thing, make more... as many as you want. As long as time and supplies are available. So by the end of the evening everyone will leave with at least one hand made, custom Christmas decoration. 2 Craft beers will be available to each participant of drinking age. These are free and not part of the event cost. Price is $40 per person.